Kira Jones (celticwitch_0) wrote in uk_bikers,
Kira Jones

Woo Hoo!

Third time lucky and I passed my Mod 2 yesterday.
The weather had been lovely all week.. until 1 pm yesterday when an hour before the test it hammered it down with icy rain..!
So for now it's an A2 license until I decide to go for the full one.. but at the moment I am just so glad I passed, can ride without L plates. It does mean that for now I have to retire my 125(Serenity) but my daughter wants that one for her CBT when she's old enough I am a bit sad about that as it was the first bike after my accident and I got the confidence back..
But now onto bigger things and my GPZ500S (Liberator.) Once she is taxed and insured I will start to explore on that one..Let's hope the weather improves :)

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