Woo Hoo!

Third time lucky and I passed my Mod 2 yesterday.
The weather had been lovely all week.. until 1 pm yesterday when an hour before the test it hammered it down with icy rain..!
So for now it's an A2 license until I decide to go for the full one.. but at the moment I am just so glad I passed, can ride without L plates. It does mean that for now I have to retire my 125(Serenity) but my daughter wants that one for her CBT when she's old enough I am a bit sad about that as it was the first bike after my accident and I got the confidence back..
But now onto bigger things and my GPZ500S (Liberator.) Once she is taxed and insured I will start to explore on that one..Let's hope the weather improves :)

Biker News...

I swear everytime I look at the BBC News site for Scotland on a Monday morning there's always a story about a biker being hurt or killed over the weekend. :(

Scotland has some lovely roads, it's true, but they can be rough and unforgiving of mistakes as well, as is made painfully obvious every Monday.

Keep it shiny side up, guys.
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Oh wow.

Hein Gericke's gone bust.


My jacket is HG, so are my summer boots, I bought my last two crash helmets from HG, my last set of winter gloves... They're one of the few places who carry Nolan visors and pinlocks in stock. I hope they find a buyer.
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Bike for Sale

Due to a recent upgrade I am reluctantly selling my bike.

Its a Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, 14449 miles - £1250 - Leeds. Its a fantastic little bike, an ideal first 'big' bike. Please take a look at my ad below. Will also be going on ebay at some point too. Am sad to see it go but I have a new one now so no point in keeping this one as well.

Happy looking :-)

Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, low mileage - £1250 in Leeds | Motorbikes & Scooters for Sale |
gooseneck ST

I went to the TT this year...

...for the first time in over a decade. I've written an absolutely enormous vanity blog about my experiences on the island this year - four massive posts - which many people in the community won't even begin to want to read, although I did find an American to bring over to experience the whole TT schtick, which might make this all very slightly more interesting. Here are the links to the four parts for those hardy souls who

Mega TT blog - Part 1
Mega TT blog - Part 2
Mega TT blog - Part 3
Mega TT blog - Part 4

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Triumph Trident

Does anyone have any contacts in Triumph?

I'm looking to get in contact with them, to find out how they ship bikes to Canada. I'm heading out there in a couple of months, have several publicity opportunities I can give them: in return for either advice on shipping my bike out, or assistance with getting it there. (For example, if they load a container up and ship bikes every month or so, would it be possible to get my bike in on that, if I deal with import/export?)

How would you find out who to talk to for that kind of thing?

Thanks in advance,
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  • hrafen

Free to a good home

I need to get rid of some bike gear due to plans to leave the UK.  Drop me a message if interested.

Pair of SIDI Vertebra boots, size 44, Some years old but almost unworn. 
Pair of IXS leather trousers with knee armour.  Waist 33 or so, they fit me, I'm 32 ish.  
GEAR leather jacket, again fits me, medium size at a guess
Frank Thomas leather jacket, label says size UK 40, again prpbably medium ish,
AutoCom Active-Duo 200 - communication system.

If anyone wants this stuff it is free.  All you need do is collect, NW London area.

If not it will go to oxfam.
Triumph Trident


Has anyone got any advice on intercoms?

We'll be doing a bit of a trip later this year (6 weeks in USA/Canada and then 5 weeks in New Zealand) and want to have a rider-to-pillion intercom. It needs to work with GPS, bluetooth phone, MP3 player, etc, but any recommendations as to what good (and what's not) would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance,
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