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Getting difficult to get lids [16 Dec 2013|10:43am]

So, I'm looking for a flip-up lid to replace my somewhat elderly Caberg Trip, and so go shopping.

Now, granted I have a somewhat huge head (make your own jokes up), which means the Trip I have is an XXL.

So, head into my local store, and discover that Caberg have discontinued XXL - and the Duke and Justissimo in XL are too damn small.

Try on every other lift up they have, and none really fit - either they don't go up to an adequate size, or the shape is wrong, or on some cases they just feel *flimsy*, and while they're probably perfectly safe, I don't feel comfortable with something that seems to have been made from Tescos bags.

Schuberth C3 is too tight fore and aft - there's a pressure point on my forehead.

Shoei Neotec is too tight left and right.

Shark Evo is... disturbing in many ways

So, head off to the still-there HG just round the corner, who don't have a single lid in a size above S - most of them XS. The chap behind the counter tells me it'll be the far side of Easter before they get *any* new lids in, or indeed pretty much any clothing at all - I get that HG as a chain went bust a while ago, but if they treat stocking like this then I can see the ones that are left not lasting very long.

So, anybody know any companies who actually make XXL lids in flip-up, and ideally ones that are warm and quiet-ish?

It's a bit depressing to think that I might be forced off the roads because it's impossible to get a decent lid.

Probably shouldn't even go down the road of "Why the hell don't the bikewear companies realise that short fat riders exist?" - ever tried to get something with a 5XL waist and a 30" inseam? Can't be done :(
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Woo Hoo! [12 Apr 2013|08:39am]

Third time lucky and I passed my Mod 2 yesterday.
The weather had been lovely all week.. until 1 pm yesterday when an hour before the test it hammered it down with icy rain..!
So for now it's an A2 license until I decide to go for the full one.. but at the moment I am just so glad I passed, can ride without L plates. It does mean that for now I have to retire my 125(Serenity) but my daughter wants that one for her CBT when she's old enough I am a bit sad about that as it was the first bike after my accident and I got the confidence back..
But now onto bigger things and my GPZ500S (Liberator.) Once she is taxed and insured I will start to explore on that one..Let's hope the weather improves :)
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Biker News... [17 Sep 2012|07:10am]

[ mood | tired ]

I swear everytime I look at the BBC News site for Scotland on a Monday morning there's always a story about a biker being hurt or killed over the weekend. :(

Scotland has some lovely roads, it's true, but they can be rough and unforgiving of mistakes as well, as is made painfully obvious every Monday.

Keep it shiny side up, guys.

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Oh wow. [31 Jul 2012|04:27pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

Hein Gericke's gone bust.


My jacket is HG, so are my summer boots, I bought my last two crash helmets from HG, my last set of winter gloves... They're one of the few places who carry Nolan visors and pinlocks in stock. I hope they find a buyer.

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Bike for Sale [23 Jul 2011|07:38pm]

Due to a recent upgrade I am reluctantly selling my bike.

Its a Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, 14449 miles - £1250 - Leeds. Its a fantastic little bike, an ideal first 'big' bike. Please take a look at my ad below. Will also be going on ebay at some point too. Am sad to see it go but I have a new one now so no point in keeping this one as well.

Happy looking :-)

Kawasaki GPZ500s, W plate, low mileage - £1250 in Leeds | Motorbikes & Scooters for Sale | Gumtree.com
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I went to the TT this year... [06 Jul 2011|08:50pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...for the first time in over a decade. I've written an absolutely enormous vanity blog about my experiences on the island this year - four massive posts - which many people in the community won't even begin to want to read, although I did find an American to bring over to experience the whole TT schtick, which might make this all very slightly more interesting. Here are the links to the four parts for those hardy souls who


Mega TT blog - Part 1
Mega TT blog - Part 2
Mega TT blog - Part 3
Mega TT blog - Part 4

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BSBK at Snetterton [04 Jul 2011|11:43pm]

[ mood | Wow ]

No idea if anyone still reads this but here goes ...

British Superbikes (BSBK) was at the new Snetterton circuit last weekend. It went a bit wrong for a couple of riders!

Link to YouTube video

One still image here, 14 more inline after the cut!


It gets a bit image heavy after the link!Collapse )

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Does anyone have any contacts in Triumph? [12 Jun 2011|06:30pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm looking to get in contact with them, to find out how they ship bikes to Canada. I'm heading out there in a couple of months, have several publicity opportunities I can give them: in return for either advice on shipping my bike out, or assistance with getting it there. (For example, if they load a container up and ship bikes every month or so, would it be possible to get my bike in on that, if I deal with import/export?)

How would you find out who to talk to for that kind of thing?

Thanks in advance,

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Free to a good home [07 Jun 2011|10:38pm]

I need to get rid of some bike gear due to plans to leave the UK.  Drop me a message if interested.

Pair of SIDI Vertebra boots, size 44, Some years old but almost unworn. 
Pair of IXS leather trousers with knee armour.  Waist 33 or so, they fit me, I'm 32 ish.  
GEAR leather jacket, again fits me, medium size at a guess
Frank Thomas leather jacket, label says size UK 40, again prpbably medium ish,
AutoCom Active-Duo 200 - communication system.

If anyone wants this stuff it is free.  All you need do is collect, NW London area.

If not it will go to oxfam.
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Intercoms [28 May 2011|10:54am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Has anyone got any advice on intercoms?

We'll be doing a bit of a trip later this year (6 weeks in USA/Canada and then 5 weeks in New Zealand) and want to have a rider-to-pillion intercom. It needs to work with GPS, bluetooth phone, MP3 player, etc, but any recommendations as to what good (and what's not) would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance,

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I was at SBW Motorrad in Hertford yesterday playing with their K1600GT demonstrator... [17 Apr 2011|11:28am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

...so I filmed my thoughts...


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Gits... [25 Feb 2011|07:00pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

So, this morning I went to get on the bike and head to work, like I do every morning. But I find the lock won't open. On closer inspection I find that someone tried to break the lock in the night. Some f*cker tried to steal my bike, right outside the room I was sleping in.

not a very good pic, but you can see where they tried to cutCollapse )
As well as trying to cut it, they've obviously tried to break open the padlock too, and in the process broken the barrel so the key no longer works. Now I'm going to have to cut the damn thing off myself and get a new chain. Still, at least it did its job, eh?
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Is this the most stupid thing I've seen on a motorbike? Maybe. [20 Sep 2010|11:33am]


Just wow. Changinh gear/braking has got to be tricky, but how about stopping?
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Новинки: постеры и плакаты "KTM" [19 Sep 2010|12:39pm]

В каталог добавлены новые постеры:


Новые метки в каталоге: Toyota / Тойота, Бильярд, Морепродукты, Кристина Янг / Kristina Yang, Роберт Дауни мл \ Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake / Джастин Тимберлейк, Nissan, Восход / Sunrise, Keira Knightley / Кейра Найтли, Признание шопоголика / Confessions of a Shopaholic,
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Новинки: постеры и плакаты "KTM" [19 Sep 2010|12:39pm]

В каталог добавлены новые постеры:


Новые метки в каталоге: Toyota / Тойота, Бильярд, Морепродукты, Кристина Янг / Kristina Yang, Роберт Дауни мл \ Robert Downey Jr., Justin Timberlake / Джастин Тимберлейк, Nissan, Восход / Sunrise, Keira Knightley / Кейра Найтли, Признание шопоголика / Confessions of a Shopaholic,
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For Sale Yamaha Virago 535 1989 [13 Sep 2010|07:37pm]

Sad times.

I'm selling my bike, and I'm not buying another one.

Anyway, if anyone in the Bristol area is interested in buying...

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Thanks [01 Sep 2010|10:48pm]

Thanks to Bill Bunn Motorcycles in Brentford, West London.

I left my helmet cable locked to my bike for the day.  When I got back the cable lock was jammed.  I am not sure why, maybe the lock developed a fault or maybe  someone tried to force it and broke it.  Either way, my helmet was locked onto the bike and not coming off.  I walked the mile or so to Bill Bunn's.  They loaned me a helmet.  Walked back to the bike, rode the bike to their place.  They cut the cable lock, releasing my helmet..  Got a new cable lock.  All sorted.

Cheers guys.  Appreciated.  

x posted
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Shipping of motorbikes [02 Aug 2010|08:22pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone on here had experience of (or know anything about) shipping motorbikes?

It'll be probably in mid-late 2011, so there's plenty of time to research options. I'm thinking of shipping the bike (with all luggage, kit, etc) from England to Canada, and possibly on to Australia from there: Is it worth it, what sort of money should I expect to pay, or is it better just to buy whatever suits when I'm out there and sell it 3-4 weeks later when I move on?

Thanks in advance...

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Ride Report: I've just been for a little ride... [28 Jul 2010|10:07pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

...a gentle 4,380 mile bimble around Europe over 14 days, 3 of which were spent at the famous Faro Rally in Faro, Portugal (http://www.motoclubefaro.pt)

The trip started and finished at home in Carmarthen, in Wales. On the way it took me via Paul Minton's excellent Moto-Gite in Normandy (http://www.jthebs.com), and then through the magic of Priority Club reward points, I bounced from one Holiday Inn chain hotel to another all across the continent, first Lyon, then into the Alps and down the famous Route Napoleon to Cannes (and the ridiculously expensive Carlton on the seafront, where I was sharing with the glitterati - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlton_Hotel,_Cannes, for no money at all), then along the Coast Road to St Tropez, basking in the sun of the French Riviera, and then across to Marseille on the fabulous D98, then up into Andorra via some simply epic mountain passes in the Pyrenees, then down to Barcelona in Spain via the even more epic Collada de Tosas, which is now my favourite ever stretch of road, full stop...

N152 Collada de Tosas (Part 1) from Ken Haylock on Vimeo.

The N152 is an awesome road between Andorra and Barcelona. Well, the mountain pass called the Collada de Tosas is, anyway. It has been superceded by a very efficient tunnel through the mountain range, and then south of the tunnel it becomes a dual carriageway. A very twisty dual carriageway but a dual carriageway nonetheless. A few years ago I took the tunnel from Andorra and then had fun thrashing a 1200GS flat out down the entirely empty crazy twisty dual carriageway at around midnight on a Sunday night. Seeing the road in daylight, err... eeep! Anyway, the Col itself is a thing of beauty. Watch and enjoy as I take the K1200GT SE over the pass. Note that I could be going a fair bit faster, but if you see the drops involved if it goes wrong you'll understand why I wasn't...

N152 Collada de Tosas (Part 2) from Ken Haylock on Vimeo.

See Part 1 for description...

And then I had a couple of hot, hard, long days on the Autopista pushing across Spain, with the external thermometer on my BMW telling me it was 42.5 degrees C at times (that's 109F in old money) it was like riding into an open blast furnace, and then I was in Faro for three days of mild debauchery and the hospitality of my good friend Louis Dobson and his girlfriend Eva, after which I headed back to the UK, starting with another 650 mile day to get to the Spanish-French border, and then a 400 miler and a 200 miler respectively to get back on the ferry at le Havre and head for home.

Now, normally I'd tell you about it and maybe offer a few snaps and a ride report, but these days I can do better. I used a nifty smartphone app called Trip-Journal (http://www.trip-journal.com) to record the entire 4,380 mile odyssey, and then used one of its many export functions to generate a Google Earth .kmz file, with all of my ride report sections and all of the photos and YouTube videos on it in the correct place, along with my track log. And arguably the best thing about Google Earth is that you can set up my trip as a 'Tour' and then fly through the entire thing. I suggest skipping some of the less interesting motorway/autoroute/autopista sections, but some of the stuff in the mountains looks just awesome flying through in 'tour mode' on Google Earth... this takes ride reports and holiday snaps to a whole new level of insidious scariness!!!

Oh, the Google Earth file can be found here...


Hope this interests somebody :-).

X-Posted to my journal, uk_bikers and motorcycles.
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Classic car and bike show in the northwest? [27 Jul 2010|12:09pm]

i hope that somebody up here can help me. My boyfriend and i took a ride over to Holmfirth a few days ago (home of last of the summers wine and the best fish and chips lunch you will ever get for £3.50).
While we were there we saw posters for a classic car and bike show, on the 30th of this month and the first of the next. I think as well as the cars and bikes it mentioned things like farmers markets, live music, beer tent and kids entertainment, and we planned that he would take his son up one day, and me the next (i don't anymore ride because poor spacal awareness and a findemental difficulty in telling left from right put me in a headlong- actually face first- collision with a post, and i shall be eternaly greatful i was wearing a full face helmet- its not a girl thing, its a me thing).
So, its this weekend, friday/saturday, and its in the northwest maybe somewhere near the Homfirth area, but it could be anywhere in Chesire or Lancashire, i suppose. Does it ring any bells? Classic car and bike, Beer tent (another reason i don't ride, truth be told hehe), kids entertainment, live music, and i am pretty sure, farmers market?
been looking on internet but can't seem to find it.
If anyone recognises such an event in this area, could you let me know the exact where?
(And if anyone is planning on going, provided we find it, you will see the biggest, badest, baby pink classic tourer hand painted by my boyfriend and begrudingly admired even by people who were horrified at the idea!)
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